Success Stories

Real life success stories from people like you

Benecol® foods consumers have seen their cholesterol fall by making changes to their daily diet and lifestyle, and introducing tasty Benecol® foods to their routine. In these inspirational testimonials, you'll see some of our consumers share tips, hints and advice based on their own experiences – which may help you in your journey to lower cholesterol.


Meet Mary Jo - Co Meath, Ireland

"My husband's cholesterol read 5.6 in May 2011, so we started eating Benecol® foods in earnest. My husband and I now enjoy Benecol® spread and we have a Benecol® drink every evening. His cholesterol was checked again in July and it had fallen to 4.7. I can't tell you how delighted we are with this result. Thank you Benecol®."


Meet Bob, Lancashire

"My cholesterol reading in October 2010 read 5.2 and in March 2011 I made the decision to give Benecol® foods a try. Now I enjoy Benecol® spread and eat on average 5 yogurt drinks and 6 yogurts each week. I recently had a check-up and it works! My cholesterol is now 4.2. Together with exercise, introducing Benecol® foods into my diet has been a winner. I'm chuffed to bits." Bob, Lancashire


These are individual success stories. Eat no more than 3g of plant stanols per day, individuals results may vary.