How should Benecol® Soft Chews be used?

Benecol® Soft Chews are chewable food supplements that should be taken with meals for the best effect. The recommended daily dosing is 3 to 6 sugar-free soft chews per day (1.5 to 3g of plant stanols).

How does the product work?

Benecol® Soft Chews contain plant stanol ester, which inhibits the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine. The absorption of both the dietary and the biliary cholesterol into the body are reduced, which leads to lower concentrations of blood total and LDL cholesterol.

Why should 3 to 6 chews be used daily?

Using 3 Benecol® Soft Chews per day is enough for effective blood LDL cholesterol reduction. However, plant stanol ester lowers blood cholesterol in a dose-dependent manner, and thus a higher daily intake of soft chews is likely to result in more effective cholesterol reduction. More than 6 chews per day is not recommended. Optimal result may not be achieved with infrequent use.

Is it ok to use both Benecol® foods and Benecol® Soft Chews at the same time?

Yes. All Benecol® products contain the same cholesterol-lowering ingredient, plant stanol ester. The daily plant stanol dose (1.5 to 3g) can be achieved by using different Benecol® products.

Are Benecol® Soft Chews suitable for everyone, including people with diabetes?

Yes, Benecol® Soft Chews are suitable and effective for all individuals who need to lower their blood cholesterol concentration, including people with diabetes. Benecol® products may not be nutritionally appropriate for pregnant or breastfeeding women or for children under the age of five years.

Can Benecol® Soft Chews be used with statin medication?

The cholesterol-lowering effect of plant stanol ester has been shown to be additive to that of statin medication. Benecol® Soft Chews can be used together with statin medication, but the use of Benecol® products should always be mentioned to the treating doctor.